If you need to access your router’s administrative console, you can use Admin Login as a link. You can access your router or work on any other details of your Wi-Fi device in this console. Admin console may also be referred to as routers hidden page. However, some issues might arise while trying to reach the login page. These conditions might occur due to the following reasons:

  • The IP address is entered incorrectly
  • Your system has an IP address issue
  • Physical connection issue or cable issue
  • The router is faulty

How to quickly fix these issues

Before having technical help, you can follow some steps to ensure that the connection is present and may be following these steps you can reach to the login page of your router.

  • Make sure that the ethernet cable is connected to your router. Check both the ends of the cable and ensure that one end of the wire is strongly connected to the system while other to the back of your router device
  • Another quick fix is a power cycle. A power cycle means that you switch off the router and wait for a few seconds then switch the router back again.
  • Your router will have led lights on itself. Make sure that the lights are working. If the lights are not working then the router is burnt out and you will need to buy a new router but if the lights are working, then you need to make sure that the correct numbered led light is working. If that port light is not working, try any other numbered port. Still if the light does not work try any other cable or turn the cable and put the end of the computer side in the router and the router one in the computer.
  • Still if the router doesn’t work, check if your system has more than one network cards. If yes, try switching the network connections.

Correct IP address

Entering the right IP address is an important point. Another important point is where to enter the IP address. Most of the companies use or as their links, if one does not work for you, the other one will.

Entering the correct form of IP address is very crucial. If you write links like this:

  • 192.168.o.1
  • 168.0.1.com
  • 168.o.1

The router will not login because the server will not accept these links. Writing http//: before the link is also not important. Just write the digits as it is. However, writing http//: doesn’t make a difference but entering more increases the chances of a mistake. Let the server add the extra part itself.

Now next come where to enter the link. It is important to make sure that you do not type the link in the search bar. Enter the link in the address bar at the top of the page.

For netgear routers, you can also enter routerlogin.net instead of the link.


IP address issue of the computer

For the router and the system to communicate with each other, it is necessary to make sure that they have the same subnet mask which means that if the router’s IP address is then the computer’s IP address too should be something 192.168.0._ with anything after that between 0 and 255.

However, if the computer has any other IP address then it is not possible for the system and the router to communicate.

Nowadays, most of the systems have network cards which automatically get the IP address from the router which is compatible with the router. A problem can arise if the system’s IP address is a static IP address and not a dynamic one. In which case the system will not be able to change the IP address according to the router and will stick to what was allotted to it.

To check the IP address and its type, you will have to login to ipconfig in the command line and check for the IP address.