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Introducing the new members of the Lockjaw Records family, Main Line 10, super tight melodic hardcore from that classic Brits summer getaway, Palma de Mallorca (ES).

Since forming in 2005 the band have had multiple releases, the debut 6 track demo EP ‘AdrenaLine’ (2006), the first full length ‘Today is Tomorrow’ (2009), followed by EP ‘Stick Em Up'(2012).
During this time Main Line 10 have have ferociously toured Spain sharing the stage with This Is A Standoff, Ignite, The Fire, Beerbong, Adrenalized and many more.

Now in 2016 the band have just returned from a highly well received tour of Japan and released their newest offering, ‘SHARKS’, a powerful and refreshingly positive EP of the bands current sound.
Opening track Who Am I sets the lyrical positivity with the line ‘I’ll conquer what has never been conquered. Defeat will not be in my creed’.

“For me is the official celebration of 10 years as a band. We started being friends playing some covers in a rehearsal room and now we’re a family showing our music wherever we can. The track Gone but never forgotten is a tribute to our former member, guitar & bass player: Carlos he was in the band from 2005 to 2015,” says Drummer, Danieer.
mainline 10 sharks
SHARKS released by Lockjaw Records (UK), Bird Attack Records(USA) and Milestone Records (Japan).

Track Listing:
1. Who Am I? 01:45
2. System Failure 02:34
3. Not Afraid 03:01
4. Alive To Tell 03:14
5. Gone But Never Forgotten 03:07
6. Thanks 03:57
7. Signals (Bonus Track) 03:35

You can buy Sharks now from Lockjaw Records at:

Main Line 10 are:

Crut – Vocals / Guitar
Barto – Vocals / Guitar
Toni- Bass / Vocals
Danieer – Drums