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Antillectual – Start From Scratch

12 track album of intelligent melodic punk rock from the Netherlands.1. Every Crisis ...


Belvedere – The Revenge Of The Fi

“As breakneck as ever…a commendable return to form” - Kerrang! Magazine“Their ...


Darko – From Trust To Conformity

1. Intro2. AWOL3. Neo Was An Amateur4. The Smarter that i think i am, the dumber i ac ...


Despite Everything – Trails

Tangled LinesDead WeightJokes On UsMy DayWatered DownHigh and Dry ...


Donots – The Long Way Home

17 tracks of class pop punk from legends the Donots.1. Changes2. Calling3. Forever En ...


Drones – Exiled

The Drones are back with a new line up, fresh sound and one hot new album. The band a ...


Drones – Free Marked Kid

The second helping from Camberley punk rock quartet Drones. Free Marked Kid is the fo ...



Drones – From Birth To Grave

The new 7" from Drones. The first time we have done an awesome picture disc and its g ...

£6.00 £5.10

Egos At The Door – Blankets Of De

11 tracks of experimental hardcore punk, not for the feint hearted!1 Calisthenics2 9- ...


Fights and Fires – Proof That Gho

11 tracks of energetic hardcore rock.1. Testaments2. My Rusty3. You Can't Say Slags O ...


Laughing In The Face Of – The Lub

The 2011 debut album from LITFO containing 11 Tracks of super fast technical melodic ...


Mighty Midgets – Raising Ruins Fo

PRE-ORDER NOW RELEASED ON THE 18th December!The vinyl re-release of the 2010 album fr ...


Only Fumes & Corpses – Who R

14 tracks of passionate and aggressive hardcore from Irelands own Only Fumes And Corp ...


Sombulance – Lifer

Pre-order the new EP from Southsea skate punk legends SOMBULANCE!CD is released Frida ...


The Departed – Remnants

7 track powerhouse hardcore EP from Grimsby's The Departed1. Introduction2. Broactive ...


The Fear – Here Goes Nothing

11 tracks of hook laden melodies woven into ripping riffage and technical mastery, th ...


The Living Daylights – What Keeps

11 tracks of pop punk rock genius1. It Starts In Our Heads2. Maybe Escapes3. The Reco ...


The Wonder Beers – Geezers

The Wonder Beers have joined the Lockjaw Records Family with a right corker of an a ...


Wake The Dead – Meaningless Expec

Side A1. Mon Reve Familier2. Reaching The Sky3. Bathed In ShadowsSide B4. Sweet Words ...


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