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Darko – The Beards and Before Japanese Exclusive

Lockjaw Records » Darko – The Beards and Before Japanese Exclusive

Darko – The Beards and Before Japanese Exclusive


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Discography of DARKO from Guildford UK. Japanese exclusive courtesy of Milestone records!



Track Listing

1. Company Of Wolves
2. Prologue (A Voice Unheard)
3. Canthus Viewpoints
4. Atlas To Atlantis
5. Hanging Off A Memory
6. Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts
7. Seaward
8. Never Coming Home (US Bonus Version)
9. Intro
10. AWOL
11. Neo Was An Amateur
12. The Smarter I Think I Am, The Dumber I Actually Get
13. Chewbacca Defence
14. From Trust To Conformity
15. We Are Here
16. Knives
17. Yet We Breathe
18. Delgado
19. Blink
20. Paper Mirrors
21. Never Coming Home (7 Inch Version)
22. Chewbacca Defence (7 inch Version)
23. Seaward (Single Version)
*one more secret track